About Us

Construction test ( https://www.constructiontest.org/ ) provides information about civil engineering, construction, concrete, mix designs, structures, buildings, and test procedures of construction materials like cement, aggregate, soil, asphalt, bitumen, brick etc.. This website is authored by Arjun Singh (Sr.Eng QA/QC).

    I am a Civil Quality Engineer and the founder of the “Construction test ( https://www.constructiontest.org/ )”.

    I bring here, materials test procedures, test apparatus technical details, specified limits, featured articles and especially practical videos. Practical test videos are the best way to learn now these days for everyone.

Our Goal

     I want to share all experiences with this website, which I collected since I working as a quality engineer since 2006. I am habituated to test many materials like concrete, cement, aggregate, soil, bitumen, asphalt mix, and highway-related tests like an embankment, subgrade granular sub-base, water-bound macadam, wet mix macadam and many more.

Construction test is a valuable civil engineering information resource for construction professionals and student around the globe which offer Articles, Guides, Books, Software Manuals and other Downloads. Information, Articles, and Guides are categorized into proper sections. How To Guide deals with testing methods and practical applications at the site.

My effort is dedicated to all civil engineers.


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